The Voice of Compassion: How to Interpret for Rape Survivors

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A guide for interpreters on how to interpret effectively for rape survivors using trauma-informed interpreting techniques.

Course length:  2 hours  

Course access period: 180 days from purchase date

Once purchased, course access cannot be paused. 

Course completion requirements: Pass one exit test (score of 70% or above).

Certificate: Downloadable certificate available immediately upon passing the exit test.


  • Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI): 2 CCHI CE hours
  • The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: 0.2 RID CEUs*
  • Maryland Court Interpreter Program: 2 CE credits
  • Pennsylvania Interpreter Certification Program (ICP): 0.5 CEUs
  • Florida Court Interpreter Certification and Regulation Program: 2.4 CIE credits
  • Ontario Council on Community Interpreting: 2 OCCI PDUs

Learning objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define trauma and explain the impact of trauma on rape survivors.
  • Explore techniques to interpret effectively for rape survivors and avoid re-traumatizing survivors.

You will also learn valuable techniques to help yourself avoid vicarious trauma when interpreting for rape survivors.

What you will get:

  • Your video instructor: Marjory A. Bancroft, MA
  • 12 interactive exercises, including a role play that was scripted in collaboration with a licensed therapist and setting-specific skills practice
  • Statistics and data about rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse
  • A realistic child forensic interview
  • Access to a film of survivors discussing their rape trauma
  • Specialized, trauma-informed interpreting techniques that will help protect interpreters from vicarious trauma while also protecting rape survivors from potential re-traumatization
  • Access to a self-care plan
  • A number of real-life stories about rape from interpreters and survivors to help prepare you for this field
  • Sections from Breaking Silence: Interpreting for Victim Services, a training manual about interpreting for victims of violent crime, including rape
  • Course completion certificate

How this lesson will improve your practice:

You will:

  • Know if you are ready and willing to interpret for rape survivors.
  • Be able to understand the impact of sexual trauma on survivors, interpreters and the session itself.
  • Understand how to protect yourself from vicarious trauma.
  • Be able to engage in specific strategies and techniques to interpret effectively, calmly and with compassion when interpreting for rape survivors.
  • Be able to self-assess the impact on you, the interpreter, of becoming the voice for rape survivors.
  • Know how to engage in practices that will help relax you before, during and after difficult assignments.

*Please note that there is an additional $20 processing fee, per program, for RID CEUs.

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